Thursday, November 6, 2008

3 Strategies in Settlers of Catan

I have identified three strategies to use while playing Settlers of Catan:

  1. Development Card Strategy - Focus on Ore, Wheat, and Sheep, and buy lots of development cards.
  2. Port Strategy - Settle a 2-1 port and concentrate on that resource.
  3. Expansion Strategy - Expand as far and as fast as possible. Focus on Wood, Brick, Wheat, and Sheep.

My plan is to play 100 games against 3 computer opponents (1 Neutral Expert, 1 Aggressive Advanced, and 1 Neutral Advanced). For the first 25 games, I'll play Strategy 1, regardless of what the board looks like. For the second 25, I'll play Strategy 2; for the third, strategy 3. For the last 25 games, I'll play whichever strategy seems to fit the board best.

I'll write a post describing the results of each 25-game segment of my test. Let's see what I can learn.

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