Sunday, March 15, 2009


Though the title sounds like the hot new German game in town, it isn't. Brettspiel is a free online gaming site that features many popular board games. I've seen Carcasonne and Stone Age, and I've played, to this point, 26 games of Dominion - only winning 11. YIKES, tough competition.

BGG has a nice primer on it here. I would recommend checking it out before creating an account because the interface isn't as intuitive as it could be.

I'm BWFoster78 on the site. Look me up.


Jeremy Williams said...

you've sold me, i have been playing on, but i'll give BSW a go.

Brain said...

Good luck with the interface; it's a bit of a pain. The upside is that they have a lot of games and a lot of good competition.

When you get a chance, check back in an let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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